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 Organization   Engineering is grouped into Product Planning, Design Engineering and Product Engineering, and covers a full production process ranging from initial development of a product to its serial production; product-planning,its development &sampling, design work for its serial production including molding and tools, and engineering support for users.
 Design Engineering   Design Engineering is engaged in control of product-development,product-designing, and sampling and designing of serial production. The engineers work in three groups; Mechanical designing( 50 persons ),Electrical designing( 35 persons ) and Software designing( 50 persons ).


Excellent CAD systems for Mechanics, Electric and Software being connected to optical file system and host CPU( ASCOS ) by way of Ethernet LAN realize automation and effectiveness of Design work. 

Mechanical   Design   Using Data Base accumulated into optical file system and Engineering Work Station, standardization and automation of design work being achieved.
Hardware Design  Engineering Work Station enables to materialize logic design and CAD-based circuit board as well as the most suitable design of control board.At our electronic black room, prior check on the allowance value for EMI certification makes our products pass respective certify-test of VCCI and FCC effectively.
Software Design   Introduction of UNIX, OS and C language including compiler and software for ICE with work-station into LAN network makes our development of software much more effective and standardized.


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Technology Contents Product
Dot-impact matrix
9 pin, 24 pins
Dot impact printer
24 pins Passbook printer>
Duplex(8P) printer
Print line thermal>
(Roll printer)
80 disits printer
Line thermal card print
(Paper card, PET card)
Stand-alone and handy type card printer
Line thermal ticket printer>
(Temperature transcription method)
Ticket printer
(JTB ticket,JR ticket)
Electric photo printer High speed (1500 Line per Min.)
Continus Paper Printer
Continus Paper Various Printers
Roll paper Various Printers
Cut sheet Printer,Sorter,Stacker
Card Card printer,Gate,Ticket issuing terminal
Bank note Recognizer,Transporting unit,Stacker
Coin Recognizer,Transporting unit,Stacker
Passbook Passbook print,Page auto-turning
Automatic paper
High speed folding
Slip transporting Draft, Check issuing,Slip print
Disk auto changer Optical disk auto-changer
Bank note recognition Recognizer,Ticket issuing machine
Coin recognition Recognizer,Ticket issuing machine
Magnetic stripe recognition Card,passbook data recognition
Application technology of CCD Page code recognition
Two dimensional-code(card) image recognition
Mobile obstacle recognition Parking meter(Car recognition)
Switch recognition for lower wave Cordless Auction systems
Character recognition OCR character recognition (Hand-writing/Printing)
Large indication panel LCD panel for Auction systems
(2m x 2m)
SMT soldering
Pattern design and soldering of 6 duplex board
Various Products
Telecommunication technology
Packet, telecominication, OSI,LAN,RD232C, RS422,RS485 Sentronics,SCSI,USB
Financial terminal
(Packet, OSI)
Software Assembler,C,Basic Telecommunication soft,machine control soft, PC,W/S application soft
Visual basic, VC++,Cobol System application with work station
Emulation software PC-PR201,ESC/P,IBM5577