Showroom Information

In our showroom at Hanamaki office, you could feel very closely our various products and service which we provide. We display our products Passbook printer, In-vehicle printer, Parking Meter, Parking Ticket Issuing Machine, some gaming equipment, our new products “Wrappon” which is a toilet with automatic wrapping system and Album printer (Photo book printer) and more, so please feel free to take your time.

Mechanical engineering heritage is shown which is certified by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

In museum corner of our showroom, we also display our 29th Mechanical Engineering Heritage “Mechanical communication device family” certified in 2008. Please take your time to see the mechanical engineering heritage.

You can visit our showroom on business day. Our staff will introduce our machines. Advanced reservation is necessary.

● Address: Shinko Hanamaki Office(9-92-6. Ohata, Hanamaki, Iwate-ken, 025-0354, Japan)

● Tour time 10:00 – 16:00

●Reservation Please send email to (International Business Team)