S4672 teller printer

S4672 Teller Printer

Teller printer “e-Printer Model S4672” Shinko MechatroTech Co Ltd.is the multifunctional dot-matrix printer, having the function to process printing of the data on various kinds of slips with functions of passbook printing, Magnetic Stripe reading/writing and to read images by scanner.
S4672 has very compact body with sizes (Width) 398mm x (Depth) 298mm x (Height) 195mm, so it can be put on anywhere. Compared with the previous model “S4670”, which is widely used in the world, the printing speed of “S4672” has been increased by 20% and for horizontal type passbook, printing on full 12th line has become possible.
In regard with Emulation, “S4672” is corresponding widely with IBM4722, PR2, LB12, S4600 etc. and is passbook printer complied with USB interface, by which easier connection with various host systems of financial institutions in the world is enabled.

◆“e-Printer Model S4672” also has various abilities as datebook printer!!
With integration of special functions such as passbook printing, datebook printing, Magnetic Stripe Read/Write processing, images reading by scanner, copy printing, “S4672” is the most suitable datebook printer complied with Windows PC for the application works such as the recording of medication history, nursing care history, payment statement, car registration reception number processing, international driver license issuing processing and so on.
Also, “S4672” can be used as “Datebook printer” for business processing at the recording of medication history, nursing care history, payment statement and so on.

■Easy to handle
Our teller printer “e-Printer Model S4672” has the Auto Insertion Facility Function (insert free system) which corrects tilt of the media automatically during insertion. Due to this function, it will contribute to realize accurate printing and the speedy business processing. even though media set free.

■Easy to maintain
S4672 has front access structure for easier operation It is possible to remove the media etc. easier at one touch of the button. Also, by front operation and front insertion/reject structure, it is suitable for office counter work where the installation space is limited.

■Various convenience
By download function for Firmware, Fonts, various parameter settings and Emulations, it makes possible to have flexible system settings and customization.

■High Functionality
It is possible to set MS (Magnetic Stripe R/W) and color scanner as option. With Color scanner, it is possible to read OCR characters and images.


■High Capability
S4672 has varieties of printing mode, and higher printing speed than the previous model S4670. Furthermore, by minimization of non-printing area for seamed line area, it makes possible to S4672can print 12 lines fully for horizontal type passbooks.

■PC Connectable
S4672 is supporting driver for Windows as standard. As for Emulations, S4672 is complied with IBM4722, PR2, LB12, S4600 and so on. This printer is possible to connect with Host through USB Interface easier.

High reliability
Due to long lifetime of Ribbon Cartridge (4 million characters), smooth work is available.


Method of printing 24 pins / Wire Dot-Matrix
Printable character ANK: JIS X 0201 compliant

Kanji Characters: Financial Kanji characters
JIS 1st/2nd Kanji character (JIS X0208compliant)
Printing Speed Draft mode:300cps (10cpi)、360cps (12cpi)
NLQ mode: 180cps (10cpi)、216cps (12cpi)
LQ mode: 90cps(10cpi), 108CPS(12cpi)
Throughput (A-4 Size) 13 seconds (Dr.Grauert’s letter)
Media insertion Insert Free method
   (Single paper)Set free Method by Automatic Insertion Facility function
Copying capacity 1 Original + 4 copies
Downloading function Firmware, Font, each Setup Parameter, Emulation
(Single paper) Vertical: 67-300mm Horizontal: 70-250mm
(Passbook) Passbook(size):Thickness less than 2.5mm
Vertical size: 75-180mm Horizontal size: 100-250mm
Status display LCD Display
Driver Windows2000、WindowsXP
Emulation IBM: IBM4722、Pro-Printer-Ⅲ
Olivetti: PR2、PR40、PR50

Shinko: S4600
Interface RS232C×1、USB2.0×1
Life time of ribbon cartridge 400 million characters
Power supply condition Voltage: AC100V/AC200V(automatic change Universal power supply)
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption Operation mode: 150W
Dimension/Weight 398(W)×298(D)×195(H) mm   13Kg
MS Unit Recording method: F2F Memory Density: 100、147、210dpi
・Scanning direction
・Scanning Area
Upper scanning
   100、200、300dpi (Vertical direction)
   100、200、300dpi (Horizontal direction)

All appearances and specifications are subject to change without notice.