Movie for Surface Mounting skills

 ■ For customers, we are providing high quality print-circuit boards, which are required in control section, drive section and operating section etc. of electronic devices. Shorter delivery time becomes possible by the combination of our excellent manufacturing facilities and electronic device assembling skill.
■ In this page, we would like to introduce our surface mounting skill called “Hands of God” by our first-class skilled technician of electronic device assembling.


The above movie is one scene for mounting fine parts and/or diodes to the print-circuit board. Body size of the parts is 0.8mm x 0.5 mm and the dimension of terminals is extremely small, 0.1 mm x 0.2 mm. Those parts are smaller than sesame and look like trash or dust so the level is that nobody might understand those are electronic parts. Operation of “Hands of God” is conducted with tense feeling like operating room.