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Synthetic equipment which always leads a technological innovation

Apprication Equipment / Vol. Explanation
For Processing
Electric discharge processing machine,Wire cut (Automatic) 3 units  Printer, Processing of various mechanism parts
Lathe (Automatic) 13 units (Automatic=8 units)
Fritz board 14units  
Machining Center 9 units
Ball board (Automatic) 26 units  
Grinding board (Automatic) 14 units (Automatic=5 units, NC Griding=1 unit)
Press 9 units Laser processing=1 unit
Others 33 units
Test Inspection Equipment High temperature test device (Simple shape) 4 units Printer, test inspection of variously mechanism part.
Low temperature test device 1 unit
Pressure test machine 2 units
Temperature and humidity test device 1 unit -40 to +80
5 to 95 RH (+5 to 80)
Sound less room 1 room  
Noise analysis device 1 unit  
Vibration occurrence device 1 unit  
Noise allowance test machine 2 units  
Static electricity noise simulator 2 units  
Thunder serge test machine 1 unit  
Cycle sag simulator 1 unit  
::Electric wave darkroom 1 room  
Electric wave noise measurement machine 1 set  
Frequency change device 1 unit  
Serial interface test machine 3 units  
Logic analyzer 4 units  
Digital multi-meter 63 units  
Infrared rays radiation temperature measurement device 1 unit  
Other measurement machines 244 units  Three-dimensional measurement=1 unit
Printing precision evaluation system 1 set  
Line Cell production form 2 pcs Printer, assembling manufacture of variously mechanism part.
  Automatic Solder 1 set Print circuit board 400X500 (Max)
::Surface mounting device (SMT)

Manufactured by Kyushu
Matsushita Electronics CM

Inspection Equipment

::Insertor kit tester
GR2286 made of Tokyo Electron

Zoom stereophonic microscope
(for visual inspection)
1 set

1 set

1 unit
-Print circuit board
Width: 50 to 250mm
Length: 50 to 330mm
Thickness: 0.5 to 2.0mm
(Length: 50 to 100mm)
Thickness: 1.0 to 2.0mm
(Length: 100 to 330mm)

Material quality: Glass exiposi
2, 4, 6 layer circuit board

-Manufacture ability
Circuit board manufacture
It is washed with the rest
from surface mounting,
and it is possible to the
visual check, the movement

-Mounting part supply
Our company supply is

-Circuit board design
Design can be accepted.