1937 Founding president Mr.Teji Yamura established Shinko Seisakusho in Kamata, Tokyo, Japan.
1945 Head office and factory moved to Hanamaki, Iwate, Japan.
1950 Developed Japan’s first teleprinter capable of handling both alphanumeric and Kana characters.
1956 Began supply of telex terminals to Nippon Telegraph and Telephonein Japan.
1966 Developed automatic accounting system for the Ministry of Posts &Telecommunications of Japan, Developed newinternational telex terminal for suppy to KDD in Japan.
1972 Began supply of new parking meter system to the Metropolitan Police Department in Japan.
1975 Helianthus" Printer was awarded Machine Deveropment Association Prize. Developed new wire dot matrix printer.
1978 Developed Kanji-handlingequipment. Developed online customer terminals for the Ministry of Posts &Telecommunications of Japan.


1980 Began mass production of Kanji entry device. Developed Kanji printer.
1982 Developed new highspeed wire dot printer.
1986 Developed wireless electronic auction system. Began supply of compact wire dot printers to NTT in Japan.
1987 Released new parking meters with receipt-issuing capabilities to the Metoropolitan Police in Japan.
1988 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
Developed 1st Passbook Printer.


1992       Developed non-impact LED printer.
1993 Developed flower auction system.
1994 Obtained ISO9002 certification.
1996 Developed new banking customer terminal. Developed parking ticket terminal.
1998  Obtained ISO9001 certification.
Developed money change machine.


2000       Released S7118 continus highspeed laser printer.
Released S4670 financial printer.
2001 Released YAC2010 flower auction system.
2002 Released S4680 passbook printer.
2003 Released Money Handling &Recycling System for Amusement Industry.
2006 Released On-vehicle Dot Matrix Printer.