With the purpose to preserve historic machine technology that Japan is proud of and for inheriting it into the next generation as cultural heritage, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers certified our “Mechanical telecommunication device family” as Mechanical Engineering Heritage of the year 2008. (29th Mechanical Engineering Heritage)

This is the first registration of Mechanical Engineering Heritage together with Power Plant Equipment of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. in Tohoku section. This fact shows that the historical value as mechanical technology contributed to the development of Domestic Industry is recognized.

Certified machines are Kleinschmidt Keyboard Perforator manufactured in 1947, Three shifts kana-alphanumeric Teleprinter, Telex machine Kanji teleprinter for newspapers and so on which were used in years of 1945–1965.

Unlike today, in the postwar era when no electrical technology like PC, memory, IC etc., these machines were developed and used as mechanical communication equipments for the purpose of certainly transmitting characters utilizing paper tape as storage memory. These machines made contributions to clerical mechanization as information terminal of the day and became the precursor for data transmission with interfacing our message transmitting and subsequent evacuated-tube electronic computer.

[Mechanical Engineering Heritage certificated machines]
We will be committed to ensuring historical value of mechanical engineering heritage once again and keeping them. We will make a sincere effort to produce further useful products for the society.


Mechanical Engineering Heritage corner of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

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