Greeting from President



Shinko MechatroTech Co., Ltd. has head office and factory at Hanamaki Cify, Iwate prefecture, surrounded by Mt. Iwate, Mt. Hayachine, who are two of one hundred impressive mountains nominated in Japan. In the morning the breeze passing through the forest in mountains reaches you with the incense of trees. Our employees, living in the typical Japanese beautiful pastoral landscape and in the very severe climate in winter, form earnest company culture, which is honest and tenacious

Founded in 1937, our company started with manufacturing tape type printing telegraphic apparatus (instrument for making aperture tape from Morse codes), then developed and supplied Japan’s first page printing telegraph system for the combination use of Japanese and European languages to the market, which contributed to rapidly reconstruct destroyed communication infrastructure in Japan at that time. Through such activities, we have established business basis in the field of information and communication terminals.

Since then, we have consistently developed complete and modular types of products with Mechatronics at the core. The high speed handling technology of stacked paper, bundledpaper and sewed paper such as passbook etc. is being utilized in the special printers to be used in various environments such as Financial Institutions and Distribution Industry. The paper handling technology has spread out to banknotes and coin handling technology, which has contributed to ensure the safety and security in the facilities where cash is being handled. Now our fields of activities have been enlarged into the Service Automation equipment.

By the nature of providing the facility equipments as infrastructure in Service Industry in general, we have very strong commitment to the better quality, improved development time and delivery time. We have thoroughly pursued and embodied our commitment by having around ninety specialized engineers for mechanical, hardware and software design and owning various kinds of engineering machine tools, surface mounting facilities, various kinds of test and evaluation facilities.

Our expertise resides in producing the “integral type of product” which is achieved with the combination of advanced technology and artisan skills applied to the various kinds of parts brought to us. We are positioning our products into the field of Mechatronics, an integrated field of mechanical engineering and electronics such as electrical engineering, control engineering, computer, software etc. and the field represented by the “integral type of product”. We have a strong intention to comply with various requests from the customers by pursuing the ultimate goal of this Mechatronics field, which is the right place for many of Japanese manufacturers,

Not just selling our own products to the Mechatronics filed both inside and outside of Japan, we are also providing our abilities of development, trial manufacture and manufacturing to all customers as “One-stop coherent manufacturing service”. If there are any requests to bring your ideas into shape, please feel free to contact us.

Under our policy to “provide high customer value exceeding your expectation”, we are desirous to manufacture products useful to the society and create futures together with all of customers.