Introduction of OEM/ODM Development&Manufacture




Shinko MechatroTech Co., Ltd. mainly have business category covering printers and the applied products for business use such as like passbook printer, in-vehicle printer, parking meter and so on, development &manufacturing of store automation equipment for amusement facility and OEM/ODM development &manufacture business. Business concept is to provide One-Stop Coherent Manufacturing Service from product design up to development/manufacture/maintenance service. Furthermore, we are providing wide-range service to utilize our factory’s machining process, surface mounting , product evaluation to the companies in Tohoku area.

Shinko MechatroTech Co., Ltd, as a partner of fables companies, will take on the manufacture in total in mechatronics field where is the territory of “Integral type products” which is in its line with blended cutting edge technology and skill of artisan and also will comply with various needs for the manufacture from any phase with its qualified specialists and collective strength.


■If you are looking for the partner of the manufacture in the following cases, please feel free to contact us.

・Business enterprise and trading company who is considering OEM of the manufacture.

・Manufacturer who is considering outsourcing of the manufacture.

・Business enterprise and venture enterprise who is investigating the materialization of the product plan

・ Customer who is considering the customization of imported products